Our Process


FREE, No Obligation, In-Home Assessment      

During the initial meeting with a homeowner, the first thing we do is establish a budget and understanding of the desired renovation, prior to selecting any materials or designs.  This ensures that you, the homeowner, are working within a realistic budget, rather than working towards a potentially costly renovation, on an “open ended” budget.  Without a complete set of blueprints to base a quote on, it is difficult to give a firm quote for the project, but we can give you an idea of the type of renovation you can expect within your budget.



Letter of Intent, Create Working Drawings, Obtain Firm Price Quotations and Sign a Renovation Contract

Once an acceptable preliminary budget has been established, we have you sign a ‘Letter of Intent’ to work with ATC Home Solutions Inc for your project.  We then begin the task of creating a set of blueprints (working drawings) and specifications for the scope of work to be completed.  From those documents, we can begin selecting the sub-trades needed to complete the work, obtaining firm price quotes, and selecting all of the finishes, materials, and design options.  We will provide a detailed contract that explains all the obligations of both ATC Home Solutions Inc and you as the homeowner, i.e.: change in scope of work (change orders), progress payments, site conditions, and other assurances.  Once a detailed contract has been signed, it will govern the work.  To make changes or amendments to the original contract, a change work order must be signed by both parties, and the price adjustments will be made accordingly.



Project Planning (scheduling trades, obtaining permits)

After all the details of the project have been determined, and you, the homeowner, have selected the finishes and materials that you would like to use.  Planning and scheduling of the project begins. Permits are obtained, materials are ordered, and trades are scheduled.  This stage is crucial and requires ALL involved parties to do their part, as delays or improperly selected materials can cause major delays and possibly halt work, sometimes at great cost.



Rough-in Work Commences

Before commencing any work, we must prepare your home for construction.  We will set up temporary partitions, protect walls and floors, and ensure that tools are placed in designated areas.  Work then begins with a controlled demolition and if applicable, preparations are made for rough-in work such as electrical, plumbing, heating and ventilation and rough carpentry.  Progress payments for the work are dispersed throughout the project as set out in the contract.


Finishing Work (Trim, Drywall, Cabinetry, Lighting, Painting)

Once all the rough-in work has been completed, we begin with the finishing work.  This is where you can really start to see the finished project coming together and this is usually about the time that homeowners start to squeal (with excitement that is!).  Flooring is installed, cabinetry is hung, the electrician completes the finished electrical and installs those beautiful fixtures that you selected, then painting and trim add the finishing touches to the space.




Once construction is complete, we do a final clean up, and ask you to join us in a final review of the work and give your stamp…or squeal, of approval.  We will then go over any standard regular maintenance required to maintain the beauty of your investment.