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5K - Colonial Style, 5" Gutter - Most Popular Profile - Residential Application

5K – 5″ Gutter – Most Popular Profile

5″ Colonial Gutter is the most common and often best choice for residential applications. It has a wide bottom which allows for a large opening to the downpipe. This style has been available for over 40 years and is the most widely used, therefore can easily be matched for partial replacements, unlike some styles which have been discontinued. The shape gives this gutter the strongest configuration and the 5″ wide opening offers good accessibility for easy cleaning.

Fascia Gutter, Crown Profile 5" Gutter.

Fascia Gutter, Crown Profile
5″ Gutter.

Fascia Gutters are generally used where the builder has not installed a fascia board over the sub-fascia. The greater depth allows the gutter to cover the 2 x 4″ sub-fascia and soffit J-Trim for a clean look. They can also be used on a larger fascia board if the style is preferred. Until recently, Fascia Gutters were limited by their narrow 2″ wide bottom that restricted the size of the downpipe outlet to a 2″ opening. New Profiles and improved extruding machines have introduced Fascia Gutters with a larger 2-5/8″ wide bottom which accommodates the larger available outlets. It is important to verify that your contractor is installing the latter as it is often not specified. There are well over 20 different profiles available that fall into the category of a Fascia Gutter, but there are only a few mainstream profiles that are widely chosen for their ease of fabrication, strength and aesthetic appeal.