The ATC Difference

Houses are not always created equal.  Bad foundations, old framing methods and just the natural settling of a building, can have adverse effects on the drainage of a gutter system.  A 1/4″ drop in one side of the house can literally make or break a gutter system.  We slope all gutters and verify this slope is correct using a 6 ft level.  We do not assume that the house is level because we know that it rarely is.

We take the time to inform you of creative and effective options for your Gutter System.  Gone are the days of simple gutters and downpipes.  There are so many more products on the market today that solve and improve upon old systems.   Our quotes are always accompanied by a collection of photos detailing our work and the options available.

Little details that are often overlooked such as the type of screw we use to fasten the gutters (we use a Clima-seal Coated Hex Head Screw with an Integrated Rubber Washer, exactly like what is used in Metal Roofing), the quality of the silicone used in the corners, the all aluminum, color matched rivets instead of screws used in the fabrication of the corners to prevent rusting, and the spacing of the hangers…all of these things makes our installation infinitely better than the industry standard.