Siding and Windows

Hardi-Plank and Vinyl Siding Certainteed Weatherboards
Siding is one of the most influential components to the appearance of your home.  It keeps you dry, warm and can make the difference between a beautiful home, and an ugly home.  You can Certainteed Weatherboards completely change the perception of your home with this one component.  The choice of Vinyl or Hardi is one of many factors.  Price, Appearance, Style, Durability, the list goes on.  Hardi-Plank Siding provides exceptional durability, low maintenance with a superb real wood look.  Vinyl is less expensive and comes in many colors that imitate wood; however Vinyl cannot be painted and requires a J-Trim to be installed at all edges.

Trim Packages
Wood Trim or Hardi-Plank Trim gives your house that striking appearance and add value to your home, for a relatively reasonable price.  Wood trim can add style to a structural post or beam (i.e. decks), windows, doors, and even to dress up Vinyl Siding.