About Us
We are a well structured Nanaimo based business.  We own everything that we use.  We do not lease equipment or trucks, so our overhead is predictable and stable.  We are setup for the long haul.  We keep our overheard low by operating efficiently, purchasing in bulk, minimizing waste by actively sorting and recycling all materials.  We eliminate callbacks, and maintain a standardized operating procedure for quite literally everything. We pass those savings onto the customer by offering a plethora of extras and upgraded materials for the same competitive price. We maintain the highest quality of equipment in the industry. Take one look at our setup and you will find only the best of everything.  Grade 1A Box Frame Ladders with Telescopic Leveling Feet for setting up on uneven ground. Ladder Holdouts (stand-offs) and Padded Ladder Booties ensure the ultimate protection of your property. Installers all maintain high-quality personal tools and tool belts that are STANDARDIZED and REGULATED by company policy. We special order and import safety equipment over and above what is required by WCB and maintain an ever-growing list of credentials that would make your head spin.  All of these things combined make us run like a finely tuned machine and reduces operating costs without cutting corners.  In the end, you get much more value for your dollar.  Put us to the test and compare our quotes to the competition line by line and we guarantee you will be amazed with how much more you are getting.  Check out our ‘ATC Difference’ pages and our Galleries to see why people choose us.


This crucial educational background sets ATC Home Solutions apart from other Contractors and ensures that every aspect of your home renovation is taken into account.  All of our tradesmen also participate in mandatory certification programs & continuing educational training.  We believe that the learning should never stop.

A large majority of general contractors don’t actually do the work in-house, so the personal touch and pride in workmanship can sometimes be lost.  Opt for a company that cares about your home and makes the visible effort to structure a business around a hands-on, personal touch.


Quality is not expensive, it priceless!

Contact us for a free evaluation.  We’ll send out a qualified professional to evaluate your home and to discuss all your options with you.