Roofing Responsibly

Safety – Setting the Standard


Our high quality safety gear is a clear indicator that we value safe work practices. You can rest easy knowing that we are NOT just maintaining the minimum compliance to WCB with “Compliance in a Bucket” Kits that include a bare bones, unpadded harness, cheap lanyards and ropes grabs that provide the absolute minimum of protection. We bulk purchase and import our high end padded harnesses, our dual locking rope grabs with fail safe secondary lock, and our Non-Invasive Tether Anchors which wrap around the structural framing members of your home in seconds and exceeds the 5000lb. fall protection requirement.


After the project is complete, the anchors can be removed from

your home in seconds, leaving no damage and no trace that it was ever there. We do NOT purchase $5.00 disposal fall protection anchors that are bent over with a hammer and left underneath your shingles. We are not just WCB Compliant, we are safety conscious and leaders in the industry.